As an experienced and professional application development company, we often face same question from our customers that is “What is the cost and time to build an app ?” Sometimes it’s easy to answer, if they want to buy same functionality, which are existed in ready-made apps. But generally each and every customer has unique requirement and at that time it is difficult to answer the above question. There are some points to consider while development is going on. So it is not preferable to say exact figure until and unless we get the scope of the app and meet the deployment phase. Here developers at AditMicrosys Australia’s team list out some important points which any customer may ask for development process time and price estimation.

Application platforms :

If you select more than one platform i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, etc. than it costs more. As you don’t know which platform is used by your customers, then you have to go with all platforms. One more reason is that if you don’t have any custom app till now, than you have to be developed for each platform.

App usage and Target audience :

During the phase of testing, our QA team checks each and every functionality like end user will do to use the app. Custom application development process includes design phase at top to know the user experience(UX). If user download your app, then he/she must know how to use it intuitively. So your customized application development must include features to keep in mind of the targeted audience. If you are going to target professional app users, then they like to use complex structure, which increase the cost. If you have average app users, who will need app to guide them, then number of screens are required, which increase overall cost.

App Security :

App’s data privacy and security are important for any business. More secure app needs more complex code to maintain and secure your data and more expensive to develop. It requires continuous testing and upgrades to patch the loop holes for each device the app developed for.

Complexity :

It is the clear way to elate the custom app development cost. As complexity increased, the cost will be increased. But which features will be counted in complexity? App’s data collection, retrieval, and storage to handle perfect navigation. The security functions, error log generation and handle, connection with other apps, etc. are counted in complexity.

Maintenance Cost :

Sometimes users thinks that there is no need to developers after application will launch. But as OS upgrades itself, then an application must be revised as per that change to work desirably. Some other costs are up-time of app and third party services like payment gateway.

We create custom apps which are intuitive, engaging, user friendly and beyond expectations to hook your users for long time. If you change the scope of your app, then it can break your budget. But making changes during development process may increase app value and UX and push out the pre-decided launch date.