Until now, POS – Point Of Sale is the extension for Magento 2, which handles all online and offline orders accurately and quickly from an admin panel. Web POS is so much easy to understand for retailers. Experts at AditMicrosys Australia know that you have many questions in mind for this POS. Questions are like what is the difference in web POS from Magento 1? What are the new changes in policy and pricing? Check out the details in this article.

How Web POS works on Magneto Ecommerce Website?

One click to add product into cart : All products appear with thumbnails and easy to access as they are categorized. To add products in a blink, any sales staff members need to click on thumbnail or scan the barcode number.

Product information : Sales easily manage out of stock products as these products have little red warning sign on the top right corner on the thumbnail of any product. So sales staff can manage stock availability and no chance of misordering on Magento ecommerce website. They can check product details without going to frontend side.

Settings on POS

Speed and Storage Optimization : The new source code will help to minimize errors. To increase the speed of operation, all data is stored in indexed database. So this is strong enough to handle thousands of products at the lightning fast processing speed.

Offline order mode : There is no difference in online and offline mode in this update. The reason is that indexed database storage grants it to work without internet. Orders will be easily created and completed when the internet connection drop out and it will synchronize data automatically after restore the connection. It doesn’t mean you use web POS completely without internet.

Payment methods : The surprising thing is, it accepts online and offline payment methods such as credit card from Authorize.net and cash on delivery. You can integrate card swipe machine for checkout process. Moreover, customers can use more than one payment option to pay for large order value. There is also custom payment option for Magento ecommerce website to create offline payments by naming them as credit, debit and bank transfer.

Invest in your retail system : Web POS can be easily integrated with inventory management. Using this integration, it is safe guard for real time inventory tracking and data updating. It also works well with Reward points and Gift cards. Enhance customer relationship and catch more sales.

Other features :

  • Fully open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Life time upgrade and support
  • Support multiple stores and languages
  • Interface is user friendly
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Web POS for Magento 2 process all of your orders more quickly and accurately and for your business, it works great. This Magento extension is combo of smooth checkout, light and fast transaction, multiple payment options, discounts, etc.